We have won the friendly match against Scotland 23-17. Australia has current Friendly Matches against USA (55 Boards), Germany (50 Boards), France (24 Boards), England (33 Boards), Brazil (51 Boards), Netherlands (55 Boards), Italy (60 Boards), Argentina (20 Boards), Poland (39 Boards), Venezuela (19 boards), Peru (25 Boards), Belgium (14 Boards), Latvia (21 Boards), Canada (33 Boards), Romania (35 Boards), Cuba (20 Boards), Finland (20 Boards), Czech Republic (40 Boards), Norway (20 Boards), Slovenia (22 Boards) and Sweden (41 Boards including some postal). Further Matches are planned against Iceland, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland. Click on the 'Friendly Matches' link for games and results. A second team, the Kangaroos, is playing against teams from the British Correspondence Chess Association, Scheming Mind and Germany B.