Minutes for a meeting of Council held at The Park Royal at Parramatta on Saturday 27th September 2014, commencing at 10.30am.

  1. Attendance. S.Press (Chairman), B.Jones, L.Jones , J.Ramsden, P.Maylott ,C.Parsons, J.Williams.

  2. Apologies. A.Sims, S.Priest.

  3. Previous minutes confirmed. Moved B.Jones. Seconded J.Ramsden.

  4. Addressed General Business from April Council. No further action required.

  5. Correspondence tabled from Dr.C.Barnett and Governor General.

  6. Presidents Report.

  • The Significant undertaking is of course the ICCF Congress.

  • Thanks to Brian Jones and his family who made the Congress happen.

  • Membership has stabilised. While the CCLA is operating steadily.

  • The League is not growing but is sustaining itself. Naturally an expanding organisation is desirable.

  • The big question is what we are to become in the future. Postal chess is being overtaken by technological change. The ICCF congress presents an opportunity to see how other Countries are dealing with this change.

  • I believe we can all work together over the next 12 Months and come up with best way forward. Any change will be driven by technology, but how we will do business.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  • Loss for the 2013 year was $ 3,132.92. This was largely due to writing off stationery of $2,669.00

  • With membership stabilising so are the Finances. We’re “keeping our head above water”

  • ICCF fees are minimal. While ACCQ costs are $ 4569.00(2013) compared to $5606.76 in 2009.

  • The question for the treatment of Members’ credits and audit will be shelved for the meeting.

  1. International Secretary’s Report.

  • The 85th Anniversary will be celebrated with two tournaments. The first the Australian Masters and the Reserves. These are open for Australian and International players.

  • Australian players should have the opportunity to gain International awards.

  • 3 Friendly Matches started this week. Matches against Russia and Germany will commence shortly. Both teams are very strong.

9 General Business.

The Following was decided.

  • Approve expenditure of $ 6,250.00. Authority to reinvest.

  • Query from L.Kempen as per eligibility for Senior’s Championship . Decided that age at January 1st is the compliant date. Decided not allowed to compete.

  • All major events are now yearly including State Championships

  • All events are now webserver except for Parker Sendak and Laughton

  • Seniors will be played on the most requested platform (webserver or Post) or both if demand warrants. For members aged 60 or above at January 1st.

  • Australian Women’s Championship annual and on webserver

  • Australian Junior Championships for members aged 20 years or below as at January 1st

  • ICCF Tie break system to be employed

  • Where format of an event is not specified (postal or webserver) Council liaising with participants shall determine format.

10 . Other Business

  • Congress will vote on 17 proposals

  • Customise website

  • Bicycle events to be rated.

  • Val Oliver’s concerns addressed as follows. Starting rating. Disparity between OTB, Online and CCLA ratings. The nominal 1400 rating, have some players horribly overrated for people are beginners, who become discouraged after losing and then resign. Proposed Beginners 800, 1 years experience 1050, regular social player 1180

  • S.Press New set of rules for new members.

11. Next Meeting. Canberra 24th January 2015.

Minutes of Council held on Saturday 26th  April 2014 at Parramatta Town Hall at 11.00am.

1) Attendance. S.Press (chair), B.Jones, A.Sims, J.Ramsden, P.Maylott, J.Williams.

2) Apologies.C.Parsons, S.Priest.

3) Confirmation of previous minutes, moved S.Press seconded P.Maylott.

4) Business arising from previous meeting, noted, no further action.

5) Nothing significant.

6) Presidents Report. Usual challenges of Correspondence Chess in the 21st providing valuable services to our members, whilst adapting new technologies. Hosting of the ICCF Congress, planning and finances are solid. International friendlies and NAPZ are going well. While Webserver of domestic events has proven successful. CCLA rating systems on website, is progressing guided by S.Press, C.Murden and M.Finch. Noted was the passing of John Kable and Malcolm Broun. John was a hard worker for the League over many years, while Malcolm recently rejoined after an absence of a number of years. Ken Allan has resigned as stationery officer and Shaun Press has taken this role while Paul Dunn is the archivist . Rex Burgess has resigned as Vice President, a role assumed by Stephen Priest.

7) International Secretary’s Report. Major Australian events started at the end of March. 2014 Webserver with Australian Championship and Reserves and the NSW and Victorian Titles. There were 30 entries in 2014 Postal events. Since March 2013 fourteen Bicycle events were started. International matters. ICCF rebates 104.25 euro and 158.60 green back. New friendly Matches started are as follows. Canada (30), Romania (35), Cuba (20), Finland (20), Czech Republic (40). ICCF Congress planning is going well, re Budgets, time table, Congress schedule, banquets, entertainments etc. Other matters included the ACCQ magazine and suspension of one of our member.

8) Master Point Coordinator’s Report. Few members entitled to Master Points from overseas events actually were awarded. With the advent of the ICCF webserver these events became readily accessible. As such there is a back log of Master Points that needed to be awarded. This in turn has resulted in four new Masters, Gross, Kershaw, Sutton and Tanti. In addition subject to confirmation, four Candidate Masters. Broun (RIP), Jones, Lawrence and McIntyre.

9) General Business. ACCQ overseas distribution cancelled. Matthew Clarke’s suspension over for ICCF events. Banned for future events, leave to B.Jones judgement. 85th tournament, B.Jones delegate for CCLA with authority to vote. Vice President to be Stephen Priest. Moved S.Press seconded B.Jones. Carried unanimously .

10) Next Meeting re Congress to be held on 27th September 2014



Minutes of Council held on Saturday 26th October 2013 at Sydney Mechanics School of Arts 280 Pitt Street Sydney.

  1. Attendance S.Press ( chair ), B.Jones, C.Parsons, P.Maylott, J.Ramsden, C.Parsons, A.Sims, J.Williams.

  2. Apologies. R.Burgess, P.Lewis.

  3. Confirmation of previous minutes, moved S.Press seconded P.Maylott.

  4. Business arising from previous meeting noted no further action.

  5. Letter of complaint against DOP Coordinator Dr.G.McIntyre C.Parsons to reply.

  6. Presidential Report. Modification of Budget for Congress, all going well for 2014. Small surplus received from ICCF. Increase in online membership due to push to engage players in International events. Very few comments on the use of chess engines for CCLA events hosted on the ICCF Webserver.CCLA web site is growing Treasurer has established a paypal account. Online registration and payment for CCLA events to follow. CCLA rating system to be put on web site. Noting the passing of Peter Parr OAM. Resignation of Rex Burgess as vice President. Request for new DOP’s resulted in four new recruits 2 ICCF 2 postal.Thanks to Council members especially Brian Jones for organising the 2014 congress.

  7. Treasurer’s Report. 2013 figures are not finalised and have kept the ‘Books’ open pending other membership receipts. Whether we should write back Provision for Prizes and Members credits, to be discussed at next meeting. Audit six months after balance day. Moved report be accepted S.Press, seconded P.Maylott.

  8. Appoint J.Ramsden as member of Council moved S.Press seconded C.Parsons, motion carried unanimously .

  9. Confirmation of existing Office Bearers. R.Burgess K.Allan standing down. Treasurer, Editor, International Secretary, Secretary all reappointed.

  10. International Secretary’s Report. Decline in membership has ceased. Targeting OTB clubs in Australia with flyers Set aside $ 500.00 for incidentals. Treasurer says we can afford this, carried unanimously . Page on website for payment of subscriptions . Dozens of friendlies have been organised. B team for under 2000’s against Germany “Kangaroos’”. Online chess is our focus. Bicycle events free for existing members. Charging members for webserver events makes money for the CCLA as well as paying ICCF fees. B.Jones P.Maylott carried unanimously. Krakow Congress, send ACCQ electronically to delegates around the World. Stop sending postal ACCQ around the World. B.Jones, C.Parsons carried unanimously.

  11. General Business. Master Points minimum rating of 1200 for State Titles and 1450 for Sendak. J.Ramsden to assume role at the next meeting. Treatment of master points earned overseas to be followed up by J.Ramsden S.Press moved seconded J.Ramsden, carried unanimously . Major events a March start. Naturally State Titles based on where you live, merging of territories and states to get an appropriate number. Entry fees for State Championships $ 15.00 and Reserves and Championships $ 25.00. Seniors now 60 years of age. Sendak, Laughton and Parker still postal and still $ 10.00. Fee changes moved S.Press seconded P.Maylott carried unanimously. P.Maylott nominated for Life Member. Moved J.Ramsden seconded B.Jones, carried unanimously.

  12. Congress. Increase in funds due to favourable exchange rate (reassess JW). Expenses $13330.00 Conference room 14 board match. Reception and opening and closing banquets $3-$4k. Brian staying at the Park Royal, his son will help as chaperone for sightseeing . Excursion to Circular Quay via the river cat ½ day excursion to Featherdale .


13 Next Meeting in April at Parramatta Town Hall.



ICCF Standard Contribution (Euros 5,000) 6,250

CCLA Contribution 6.250

Sponsorship and Donations 3,500



Conference Room costs (30 people at $72 x 3 days) 6,480

Office/Boardroom costs (7 days @ $400 per day) 2,800

Rooms for Chess Matches (2 evenings @ $400) 800

Reception canapés and drinks for 1 hour 1,170

CCLA Opening Buffet (40 people @ $52 per person) 2,080

Sub-total PARKROYAL 13,330

Office equipment costs (Photocopying) 300

Airport Transfers 1,200

Excursion costs 500

Entertainment 500

Contingency 170



1. Closing Banquet will be paid for by ICCF 

2. Everybody pays own excursion and lunch costs

3. Everybody pays own costs of evening meals (Except Buffet and Banquet) 

4. Everybody pays for own Hotel accommodation 

5. Chess equipment to be borrowed from Parramatta Chess Club

Brian Jones

26 January 2013